Yoga + Sound with Rave Coach & Sina Shalbaf

Sound and music has always been used to alter, enhance, and elevate experiences. The great yogis of the past have known how an external sound experience (mantra + nada yoga) can guide into controlling the inner sound vibrations (thoughts + stillness). Bringing this practice into a modern context, we will be holding space for a fun, high vibe yoga experience where movement meets music, breath meets sounds, and stillness meets silence.

Rave Coach (aka Brittany Sharpe) is a local Squamish DJ and resident yogi at North Yoga. Bringing together yoga and music, this collaboration has been a passion long time project for Sina and Rave Coach.

Sina is a senior certified Dharma Yoga teacher and a direct disciple of the Yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra. Although he pulls from many lineages and teachers, his goal is One. He is dedicated to exploration so he may share the Universal Teachings that lie in the hearts of all beings. He guides through the ancient techniques that have been taught by sages and seers of the past, refined through his own experience and presented in a way for the modern age that will allow others to access their connection to the deepest innermost Self as it manifests into their own lives, in their own way.

He offers a graceful, yet challenging practice which encourages students to go deeper and experience it in a meditative and spiritual way. Through a devotional practice that combines the rhythm of music, body & breath, he emphasizes on developing good health, a clear mind and a kind heart. With a belief that the yoga practice needs to be tailored for the individual, Sina’s approach is in a way to make it accessible to as many students as possible so you can expect many variations & modifications in his classes.

Sina is the co-founder of Dharma Temple, a destination yoga, meditation, conscious events and boutique in Vancouver, B.C. where he shares the high vibe yogic lifestyle to his community. He is also the founder of the Temple Yoga Teacher Training programs. For more information about Sina, visit

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"Music is the divine way to tell beautiful poetic things to the heart"

-Pablo Casals